Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Turquoise

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator Turquoise

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Colour Turquoise

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Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator, Get ready for your Übergasm!! Unlike other sex toys, the StronicSurf is designed to reach every nerve ending with its pleasure wave texture. The Fun Factory Stronic Surf can also be used hands free due to it's patented Pulsator technology which creates a thrusting motion all by itself. This incredible pulsator toy has 7 speeds, 3 rhythms and is incredibly silent.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator, The PULSATOR II. Slimmer and more lightweight. Deep massage for fuller orgasm. Hits multiple hotspots at once. Hands-free thrusting motion.

Nearly silent. 7 speeds & 3 rhythm settings. Made of body-safe silicone. Waterproof & rechargeable.

2 year warranty. Designed & handcrafted in Germany. 5.6” length / 1.8” diameter.
  • Slimline version of Stronic
  • Great solo or with a partner
  • Smaller, more discreet size
  • Lock function for hassle free travel
  • Intuitive button interface
  • Charge indicator lights
  • Low battery warning
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • 45 minutes of play on highest speed
  • 6-8 hours initial charge
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • Rechargeable – Love the Earth
  • Waterproof – Get wet
  • Silicone Body Safe Materials…of course
Sexy Living recommends that you read the instructions prior to use.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf Charging Instructions

Charge the Stronic Surf for 6-8 hours prior to using for the first time. When you first attach the charger cable, the Fun Factory symbol will illuminate for a second and then you can see the level of current charge
  • 0-33% Charged - Top button (minus) Flashes slowly (all other buttons are off)
  • 34-66% Charged - Top button On (minus) , Middle button (positive) Flashes slowly
  • 80-90% Charged – Top and Middle button On, Fun Factory button flashes slowly
  • 100% Charged – All 3 buttons are Off
  • Disconnect charger cable after 8 hours or when all buttons are Off