What is Adult Wellness?

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What is adult wellness?

It's no secret that taking care of our bodies is important, but with all the conflicting information out there, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide will break down everything you need to know about it, including how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what screenings and tests you need as you age, and when to see a doctor.

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Adult wellness is not just about being "free from illness."

Rather, it's a whole lifestyle. In which we take steps to maintain our overall well-being.

This includes everything. From eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly to getting routine tests and preventive care. But since the pandemic, people have an added thing that causes them anxiety: possible isolation.

There are many different aspects to the subject. But some of the most important include:

  1. Nutrition:

  • Eating a balanced diet helps our bodies function at their best. And lowers our risk for chronic diseases. Like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

  1. Exercise:

  • Physical activity helps us maintain a healthy weight. It also improves our mental health and mood. Plus reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases.

  1. Sleep:

  • Getting enough sleep is essential for everyone. It helps our bodies repair and heal, boosts our immune system, improves our mood, and supports cognitive function.

  1. Stress management:

  • Managing stress in healthy ways. We can do that through exercise, relaxation techniques, or social support. It can improve our mental health, physical health, and quality of life

There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

What works for one person may not work for another.

The key is to find what works for you. And make it part of your daily routine.

Screenings and Tests You Need as You Age

As we age, our healthcare needs change.

It's important to keep up with recommended screenings and tests.

So that we can catch any problems early on and stay healthy as we age.

Here are some of the most important tests every adult should get:

Blood pressure screening:

High blood pressure doesn't typically have symptoms in the early stages.

It's important to get your blood pressure checked regularly starting at age 18.

If you have high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes. Or medication to help lower it.

Cholesterol screening:

Cholesterol levels should be checked to start at age 35. Even earlier if you have other risk factors for heart disease.

Colorectal cancer screening:

Colorectal cancer screenings should start at age 50. Even earlier if you have other risk factors. There are several different types of colorectal cancer screening tests available. Talk to your doctor about which is right for you.

Diabetes screening:

If you're overweight or have other risk factors for diabetes (e.g., family history), your doctor may recommend getting screened for diabetes very early on.


Women should start getting annual mammograms at age 40. If they have other risk factors for breast cancer (e.g., family history), they may need to start sooner.

Pap smear:

Women should start getting pap smears every three years starting at age 21.

After age 30, women who have had three normal pap smears in a row can get them every five years if they wish.

Prostate cancer screening:

Men should talk to their doctor about the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening starting at age 50.

Taking care of our bodies is essential if we want to live happy & healthy lives.

Thankfully, adult wellness isn't rocket science.

A few simple lifestyle changes can go a long way!

And speaking of simple changes... one huge thing you can do right now towards bettering your health is to schedule that appointment you've been putting off.

Your future self will thank you!

What is the difference between sexual wellness and adult wellness?

Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is being healthy in regard to your sexual health.

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This means being aware of and proactive about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), practicing safe sex, and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Part of sexual wellness is also knowing your own body and what you like sexually.

This means being comfortable with your own body, communicating your needs to your partner(s), and exploring your sexuality in a safe and consensual way.

Everyone's definition of a healthy and fulfilling sex life is different. So it's important to figure out what works for you.

Adult Wellness

Adult wellness is a bit broader than sexual wellness.

It covers both physical and mental health.

To be precise, adult wellness is "an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence."

This means taking care of your body by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, etc.

As well as taking care of your mental health by managing stress levels, maintaining positive social relationships, etc.

Essentially, adult wellness is about taking care of yourself as a whole human being. Body, mind, and spirit.

And while sexual wellness definitely falls under the umbrella of adult wellness.

But, there's more to it than that.

Adult wellness is about taking care of every aspect of yourself so that you can lead a happy, successful life.

In short, sexual wellness is focused on your sexual health while adult wellness encompasses both physical and mental health.

Both are important for leading a happy and successful life. But they're not the same thing.

Be sure you know the difference so you can take care of yourself in the best way possible.

How can adult wellness help your sex life

There are countless websites, TV shows, and articles that focus on sex.

But there's not a lot of information out there about how adult wellness can impact your sex life.

So, let's change that. Here are three ways that adult wellness can help your sex life:

1. Improved circulation

Circulation is important for sexual health because it helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the body, including the sexual organs. Poor circulation can lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Adult wellness activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation can help to improve circulation by increasing blood flow to the extremities.

2. Increased libido

Low libido can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and medications. Fortunately, there are a number of adult wellness activities that can help to increase libido. Exercise is a great way to increase libido because it releases endorphins—the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Other activities such as acupuncture and massage therapy can also help to increase libido by relieving stress and tension.

3. Improved body image

Body image is an important factor in sexual satisfaction. If you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, it's going to be difficult to feel comfortable during sex. Adult wellness activities such as exercise and nutrition counseling can help you to get fit and healthy so that you can feel good about your body—inside and out!

Why is adult wellness important?

It helps prevent disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common chronic health conditions in the United States.”

These chronic illnesses are also some of the leading causes of death in adults over the age of 65.

However, many of these chronic diseases can be prevented. All through healthy lifestyle choices!

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Adult wellness is essential because it helps improve our quality of life.

When we are physically healthy and have few or no chronic health conditions.

We are able to enjoy our lives more fully.

We can participate in activities we enjoy, spend time with family and friends, and travel without worrying about our health.

Finally, taking care of our physical and mental health as adults can help extend our longevity. Studies have shown that “adults who eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, do not smoke, and maintain a healthy weight live an average of 7 years longer than those who do not make these choices." So not only does wellness help us enjoy a better quality of life while we are alive, but it also gives us more time to enjoy it!

Does counseling with a mental health professional help with adult wellness?

In short: Yes, it does!

Consulting a professional or seeking help from your community is extremely important.

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People usually think that the youth needs it less than older adults. But, that's not true.

A lot of people are suffering from excessive substance use. Their primary caregivers go through a lot of confusing feelings. Many families get ruined because they lose their emotional connection with one another.

Professionals offer different types of resources and services to their clients. Not everyone has access to these services immediately. This is why it's important to join programs that help you take care of yourself and support your partner better.

Everyone has their concerns and professionals can help with useful tips. These tips prevent you from immediate danger or any type of crisis.

Different communities help and support each other through the adult wellness journey. By the way, sexual wellness for women is just as important as sexual wellness for men.

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